Geometry Wars 3 is getting a 40 level upgrade for free

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions Evolved

Geometry Wars 3 is getting a massive update at the end of March, with 40 new levels, a hardcore mode, and new abilities being added to the game. Wonderfully, all of this will come to owners of the game completely free of charge. 

The update will add levels in a variety of new shapes, which will be home to new bosses such as the Sweeper and a new one-shot super ability called the Detonator.

There’s also 20 hardcore levels that returns to a more classic Geometry Wars format, leaving the likes of drones and super abilities behind. Each has an individual leaderboard to encourage furious competition in the community.

The co-op mode is also reportedly “revamped”, although to see quite what that means I guess we’ll just have to wait until March 31st when the update will be applied.

Thanks, PC Gamer.