German authority rules that streamers require a 10,000€ broadcasting license

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German authority Landesmedienanstalt has temporarily ruled that Twitch streamers will need to purchase an expensive license to stream video on the site. Because of outdated laws, streaming is lumped under the same category as a television or radio broadcaster. 

It’ll be expensive for German streamers to show off our list of the best games of 2016 on Twitch. 

The temporary law means streamers require a Rundfunklizenz (broadcasting license) that can cost between 1000€-10,000€. The amount varies by audience size and a few other factors. Essentially, the bigger the streamer, the bigger the cost.

Not only does this potentially mean streamers need to fork out, but they will also have to abide by other regulations. Some content could be banned before 10pm, much like the 9pm broadcasting watershed for television here in the UK.

Those who don’t follow the rules will be classed as a pirate station and subject to penalties.

Fortunately for streamers, the Landesmedienanstalt admit they need to revise the laws, as they weren’t created with these new broadcasting methods in mind. For now, the ruling has been put in place as not to set a precedent for TV and radio to ditch fees.

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