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Get 30% off Yeelight smart LED RGB light panels this Cyber Monday

Brighten up your PC gaming setup with your Yeelight's smart LED light panels, light strips, and smart bulbs this Cyber Monday

Yeelight Smart LED Light Panels

As you slot in the last piece of the RGB puzzle that is your gaming PC, you turn it on and bask in its rainbow glory for a while, only to find that it doesn’t quite feel complete. Attaching smart lights to your wall is a great way to complement your already colourful setup, and Cyber Monday is the perfect time to bag a discount. Right now, you can get 30% off all Yeelight smart light products.

The Yeelight smart LED light panels, are capable of displaying 16 million colours and support Razer’s Chroma RGB software ‘Game Sync’ feature, which will allow the panels to enhance your gameplay experience by emitting colours relevant to the on-screen action. You can grab six panels, or a pack of 9, by clicking here.

They’re more than just a pretty face, and can be controlled via Yeelight’s smartphone app or by your assistant of choice, be they Alexa or Google. The panels like to boogie, too, and can provide your own light show while listening to your favourite tunes thanks to their ‘Music Sync’ feature.

The triangular shape of the Yeelight smart LED light panels allow you to design your own lighting layout, which should make them fit perfectly into your PC gaming setup, whatever shape or size it may be.

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Yeelight also produces other smart light products, such as LED strips, which you can check out by clicking here. So if any of those tickle your RGB fancy, act fast, as this 30% discount is only valid while stocks last.