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Get serious with this week’s Humble Sale, Serious Sam 4 is now a thing


This week’s Humble Weekly Sale is a seriously exciting one. Pay what you want, get a truck full of Serious Sam games, including the most recent third installment. But that’s not all. By buying the bundle, your money goes directly into the pockets of developer Croteam, who are using the profit to make Serious Sam 4. Seriously.

If you were to head over to the Humble Weekly Sale website you could be forgiven for missing this vital bit of information, which is hidden at the bottom as if nobody cared about it. But this is a seriously big deal, and you should seriously consider giving a decent amount of money to Croteam if you’re serious about Serious Sam 4.

Remember that you can crank the slider on your donation to push more funds towards the developer, although this is at the expense of giving money to charity.

In the meantime, paying for the bundle will bag you Serious Sam HD 1 and 2, The Random Encounter, Double D, Kamikazi Attack, Public Test 2, and if you spend over the average donation, Serious Sam 2 and Serious Sam 3 BFE.