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Get in the Zone with Survarium alpha


A lucky few have already been specially invited to take part in Survarium’s alpha, but developer Vostok Games are readying the servers for a new sudden exponential increase. A recent tweet unveils their plans to allow new players into their STALKER-like FPS soon, so if you want in it’s time to register some interest. 

The place to register that interest would be over at the Survarium Alpha Test registration page. If you’re not sure what signing your name on the dotted line will get you into, the premise is simple: those dudes that made that creepy Chernobyl survival shooter game got a bit miffed that they couldn’t make another game with a load of full-stops in the title, so started making a game that pretty much was that sequel, without the need for a number ‘2’ at the end of the title. The dilapidated environments of Survarium are exceptionally reminiscent of STALKER’s Zone, to the point that the alpha now includes those paranormal anomalies, ripping appart reality all over the place.

You can read plenty on the progress the team have made in Vostok’s alpha diaries. And if it all sounds fine and dandy, then the alpha currently has a team-based PvP mode that you can spray bullets all over, provided your visa to The Zone 2 is accepted.

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