Helicopter crashes hurt now – Ghost Recon Wildlands gets patch

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands has got a wide-ranging new patch. It’s available now, should be around 5GB on PC, and fixes a number of technical and gameplay issues.

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Some missions which failed to unlock properly should now do so, and an XP farming exploit on Rebellion Rising has been fixed. You won’t be able to teleport to safe houses while being hunted anymore, bikes will slow down in water, and NPCs who could previously shrug off a helicopter crash will now not do that.

There are also a huge number of technical and performance fixes – a number of specific issues that triggered random crashes, frame rate drops, and menu lags should no longer occur. There are also a few fixes specific to PC, such as support for new key bindings, new graphics options, HUD and UI improvements, controller support and more.

Remember that to play co-op, all players involved need to have the same game version, so make sure your mates have got the patch too. Check out the announcement over at the Wildlands blog for a full list of patch notes, if something specific has been causing you headaches.

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