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Hero shooter Gigantic launches on Steam next month

Gigantic Steam launch

After a tumultuous development period, multiple layoffs at developer Motiga and two years in early access, the 5v5 hero shooter Gigantic is officially launching on July 20. This long-awaited launch sees Gigantic coming to Steam, which will no doubt result in more people trying out this ambitious hero shooter/MOBA hybrid.

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Gigantic’s main game mode combines the Payload-style game mode, which you see in hero shooters like Overwatch and Team Fortress 2, with the typical MOBA ‘defend the base’ mechanic. Rather than protecting a static fountain or nexus though, teams in Gigantic fight alongside a massive roaming beast called a Guardian. As you can imagine, the goal of your standard Gigantic match is to defeat your opponent’s Guardian, while keeping yours alive.

If you want to give Gigantic a try before it comes to Steam, it’s currently in its last month of open beta over on the Arc platform. Its last update added tons of quality-of-life fixes, like an improved UI, bot matches, and a tutorial for new players, as well as integrated voice chat so you can coordinate with your fellow heroes. For the entire list of changes, you can check out the official patch notes over on Gigantic’s website.

You will have to link your Arc and Steam accounts together when Gigantic launches on July 20, so it pays to create an account now and at least check out the open beta to see if you will play the full game. Gigantic is free-to-play, but you can buy a special Founder’s Pack for $29.99, which unlocks all 18 heroes and two exclusive skins for use straight away.

For those players who put time into Gigantic over on Windows 10 Game Preview, Motiga are offering a single-use account copy for those transitioning from the Windows Store to Arc. All your heroes, skins, premium currency, and in-game progress will be copied over to you Arc account, so there is no fear of losing your stash of goodies. If you are moving from Xbox One to Arc, you will lose access to platform-specific skins so just be aware of that.