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Thief like immersive sim drops huge update alongside 25% off sale

A big new update has arrived for immersive sim Gloomwood, as the Thief-inspired Steam game also gets a big 25% off sale at the same time.

Gloomwood Steam sale update: a low poly man in a big overcoat and tall hat, holding up a torch as green light comes from his eyes

If you miss old-school Thief or immersive sims like Deus Ex and Dishonored, there are plenty of indies carrying on the legacy. The newly released Selaco channels the genre in surprising ways, but we can’t forget Gloomwood either. Released in 2022, this Lovecraftian-era imsim is making its way through Steam Early Access, and it’s just had a massive update alongside a 25% off sale.

Blending the dreary streets and sneaking of Thief with the impeccable vibes of Bloodborne, Gloomwood is already one hell of a stealth game. I played Gloomwood when it first dropped in Steam Early Access, and it’s certainly come a long way since then. There are so many new districts, opponents, and weapons since launch, too, so if you’ve been waiting to dive in now’s not a bad time to give the game a go.

Gloomwood’s biggest update yet, The Power Station, has a whole lot on offer if you’re craving another immersive sim – and the full game is not even out of Steam Early Access yet. There’s a new area to explore, enemies to fight (or evade), new loot, rat AI, and new weather effects and soundscapes across the game.

The whole district is well illuminated, but if you want to turn the lights off to help you sneak past the enemies you’ll need to be careful, because that’s when the rats come out. There are even mechanical dog heads that act as security, so don’t go trying to pet them.

The Power Station is part of such a big update that it’s actually been split in two, with follow-up The Hive coming at a later date.

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If you’re a fan of immersive sim and stealth classics like Thief and Dishonored, Gloomwood should absolutely be on your radar. It’s not just an exercise in moody low-poly atmospheres either, as the inventory feels like a real-time Resident Evil 4 system where you need to open a case and move everything around manually.

I could recommend you wait for the 1.0 launch to get the full package, but there’s already so much on offer right now and Gloomwood is so good that you can’t go wrong trying it.

Gloomwood’s The Power Station update just dropped with a 25% off discount on Steam, running until Tuesday June 11, so expect to pay $14.99 / £12.56 until then. You can find the game right here.

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