“Classic” retro N64 game Glover gets remade for PC

It's 2022, and the newly-announced Glover remaster demands that you've still gotta love the glove

Retro N64 game Glover in a sharper, remade form on PC

I don’t know that I, personally, would call the Nintendo 64 platform game Glover a “classic” (even “cult classic” might be stretching it), but retro-focused studio Piko Interactive is determined to remind us all of why we’ve gotta love the glove. Glover is getting rebuilt from the original N64 source code for a brand-new release on PC.

The Steam version of Glover will launch on April 20, which feels oddly appropriate. “The N64-era cult classic Glover is coming soon,” the devs say in the announcement. “This version of Glover is a completely redone from the original source code (N64 version of the game), and improved for modern PCs.” The devs are currently “implementing achievements and trading cards,” according to the Steam page. “Once we finish that, it is all systems go!”

While the N64 version of Glover is perhaps the best-remembered – in relative terms, anyway – it did come to PC back in the day, too. Judging by the state of the documentation over on PCGamingWiki, however, that version will not tend to play nicely with modern machines.

You can check out a trailer for the new Glover below.

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If that doesn’t convince you, maybe this WWF pay-per-view sponsorship will.

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Old games never die, nor should they.