One of the wildest sandbox games ever made is finally coming to Steam

Goat Simulator 3, formerly confined to the Epic Games Store, is finally coming to Steam, with all post-launch material bundled as standard.

Goat Simulator 3 Steam: A goat with a bucket on its head from sandbox game Goat Simulator 3

Between Grand Theft Auto Online, Minecraft, Garry’s Mod, Just Cause, and a slew of others, if you want to cause no-consequence carnage on your PC there are dozens of great sandbox sims out there right now. But there’s one that arguably stands head and shoulders – or maybe hooves and horns – above the rest. Previously available on the Epic Games Store only, one of the most chaotic games of all time, Goat Simulator 3, is finally crossing over to Steam, with all the post-launch material included as standard.

Goat Simulator 3 is what happens when you take sandbox games, as a genre, to their natural – albeit caprine-themed – conclusion. As a four-legged interloper onto the island of San Angora, you and up to three goat friends can essentially do anything you like. Steal cars. Finish quests. Unlock secrets and easter eggs (Goat Simulator 3 has nods to just about every big game you can imagine). It’s pure, unadulterated, anything-goes joy.

But Goat Simulator 3 builds on its predecessor with a genuine story mode, complete with missions, unlockables, and a lot more. I think of myself as quite a serious ‘appreciator’ of videogames, someone who champions narrative, substance, and the investigation of challenging subject matter. But if I can put a little goat sombrero on, hijack a tractor, and then barrel roll it through a load of picnic tables, then I’m happy.

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Originally launched for the Epic Games Store, Goat Simulator 3 is now available to wishlist on Steam. As well as the original game, you’ll also get all the post-launch missions, gear, secrets, and costumes included as standard, so if you’ve missed out on Goat Sim up until now, there’s no need to download loads of little updates and play catch-up – it’s all in one.

The Goat Simulator 3 Steam release date is due to arrive in 2024, though developer Coffee Stain North is yet to reveal a specific date.

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