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God Mode trailer makes you wish you could punch the everlasting out of immortals


There’s a scene in Scott Pilgrim where one of the characters, Knives Chau, is hit so hard that her blue highlights are punched out of her hair. I want to do the same to the ineffable spirit guide who accompanies you through the God Mode trailer, except replace highlights with immortality.

See if you can’t muster similar contempt.

Maybe it’s just that I’ve had a bad experience with spirit guides in the past – my last spirit guide kept trying to get me to drink bleach and then, when I refused, tried to slip it into my night cap – but I can’t picture many more annoying sidekicks.

On the flip of that, the game itself looks fine. Big guns, big enemies, big architecture. Yes I’m compensating, but size impresses me. Plus, having four of your friends get together to play between big Doric columns, well, when’s that not fun?

As the trailer says, God Mode is due out early next year.

Thanks RPS.