Gods Will Be Watching funding to be matched by Devolver Digital


Devolver Digital will be matching all funds raised in Deconstructeam’s Indiegogo campaign for Gods Will Be Watching. The move means that Deconstructeam will likely hit every one of their stretch goals. The final game will now be much larger than what was originally conceived.

The original Gods Will Be Watching was a small game created for Ludum Dare 26. It had you try and keep your crew alive while stranded on a frozen planet where the very air was infected with the medusa virus.

You could freeze to death, starve, go mad and run off into the frozen wastes, and a whole string of other terrible deaths. Legend has it you could even survive and escape. I’ve never managed it.

Deconstructeam then took to Indiegogo to build a game that offered more variety. Instead of the single scenario, the new game would have six. One would see you try and manage a hostage situation. Another sees you trying to withstand torture. All are high pressure situations where you must manage the morale of your team, survive until you reach your goal, and try not to go mad in the meantime.

The game is loose with its morals. Surviving the wastes is tough when there’s seven of you vying for the rations. Once the soldier’s used all the ammo hunting for food he’s really served his purpose, hasn’t he? He’d want the others to survive. He’d want to be killed. Of course, you could choose to keep him alive. That’s up to you. It might cost you the rest of your team, though.

You can still pledge support for Gods Will Be Watching over here. If the team raise another 3,000EUR then there will be further, free expansions in the future.

You can play the original Gods Will Be Watching here.