Molyneux: 22cans “have done everything we possibly can” to ensure Godus ends up “great”

Godus might be a god game, but its own creators are pushing their limits.

When Godus was released in Early Access last year, it was not good. We took another look in March, after 22cans had implemented an update they claimed would hugely improve the game. And lo, it was still not good.

Now it’s August, and Peter Molyneux believes the studio couldn’t have done more to fulfil Godus’ initial promise.

“We must be up to about 12 versions on Steam Early Access by now,” he pointed out. “You look how building a house has changed, and how making settlements has changed, and how the world itself has changed. We have done everything we possibly can in the name of making a great game.”

Molyneux said that Godus faced a “community crisis” – and acknowledged that Early Access had been hard for 22cans. He believes lots of players have already dismissed Godus based on a 25% finished version of the game.

“This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, because a lot of people have judged the entirety of my career and the whole future of something like Godus based upon [that early version],” he told Pocket Gamer.

“Everyone said, ‘This is a load of shit, all you do is flatten the land. All you do is tap. I’ve got RSI’.”

But Molyneux says he takes the criticism, which has lasted “over a year”, for the sake of making a great game.

“I’d take it every single time,” he said. “I’d take the bullying, every single time, because I completely believe that there is a brilliant game there in Godus that is going to bring people together.

“I believe that. And I’ll take that criticism, and I’ll take that community because sometimes for every ten haters, there’s someone who inspires our team.”

22cans have spent the last few months focusing on the game’s mobile version – but are now turning their attention back to PC. Have any of you lot tried Godus again lately? How has it improved?