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Peter Molyneux’s ‘mostly negative’ strategy game pulled from Steam

Fable, Black and White, and Populous dev Peter Molyneux launched Godus in 2013, but the struggling strategy game is being pulled from Steam.

Godus Steam removed: A small village from strategy game Godus

Curiosity, the experimental classic from Fable creator Peter Molyneux, remains one of my favorite gaming memories. Arriving back in 2012, it was a huge multiplayer experience with a deceptively simple premise. There was a huge cube, and when you tapped on the cube, it removed a single tile from one of its many, many layers. Every player was working on the same cube; for a few weeks, we were all united in this enigmatic task, slowly chipping away to find out what lay at the cube’s center. Eventually, we got there. The player who tapped away the final tile was awarded a special prize – they would become the creative ‘god’ of  Godus, the subsequent strategy game from Molyneux and his studio 22cans. Now, ten years and a ‘mostly negative’ user rating later, the ambitious project from the co-creator of Fable, Black and White, and Populous is being removed from Steam.

Godus never made it past the early access period. A god simulator and strategy game, it puts you in charge of creating, maintaining, and spiritually guiding a growing community of pious settlers. Similar in many respects to Black and White, the superlative and visionary god game that helped launch Lionhead Studios, Godus should have been a slam dunk, but it has slowly fallen into obscurity, and is now leaving Steam forever, alongside its spinoff, Godus Wars.

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“22cans would like to share important news regarding our games, Godus and Godus Wars,” the studio announces. “Regrettably, due to an upcoming technical change to Amazon Web Services, affecting our ability to serve necessary game files to new users, these titles are to be withdrawn from the Steam store. Please be assured that existing players can continue to enjoy these games without interruption.”

As of this writing, Friday December 15, Godus is no longer available on Steam. It has an overall user rating of ‘mostly negative,’ based on more than 7,000 reviews. “We sincerely appreciate the incredible support from our players over the past decade and extend our heartfelt thanks to you all,” 22cans says.

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