GOG to release System Shock 2, package includes soundtrack and original pitch document


GOG will make a special version of PC classic System Shock 2 available to download tomorrow, but rather than simply release the game by itself, they’re also tossing in a copy of the soundtrack, some maps of the Von Braun (the ship the game is set on), an interview with designer Ken Levine, the original pitch document and a collection of concept art.

Although System Shock 2 was released in 1999, GOG are making an updated version available and it will run just fine on a modern operating system.

The GOG homepage currently features a timer ticking down to launch, but SHODAN… er, sorry, the site’s search box nonchalantly states that there is nothing by the name “System Shock” to be found and you should try looking for something else.

Both System Shock games were crafted by the now defunct Looking Glass Studios, also responsible for the similarly lauded Thief series. The studio closed in 2000 and many staff moved on to other critically acclaimed projects. Warren Spector created Deus Ex, Doug Church now works at Valve and Ken Levine went on to shape the Bioshock series, which drew much inspiration from both System Shock games.

Thanks to PCGamer.