GOG’s own winter sale comes a-knocking with cheap games

GOG Winter Sale 2016

The great arms race is kicking off again – the cheap games arms race, that is! While we consider the extremely real possibility of these being the last months of human civilization, why not consider some cheap games from GOG in the Goodbuy 2016 sale.

Good pun, more like.

Better than cheap is absolutely free PC games.

The sale ends in five days and a handful of hours, and is GOG’s last of the year, perhaps unsurprisingly. Here’s a few highlights from their picks today:

  • The endlessly lovely Stardew Valley is under ten bucks.
  • Homeworld, looking prettier than ever in the Remastered Collection, gets a shout for just over ten bucks.
  • The ever-odd Inside is only $13.99 for one of the year’s best indie games, and the strangest last 30 minutes in videogames.

Loads more, as you might expect, over on their front page.

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