Gone Home free this weekend to make up for something bad happening


The developers of story-driven indie darling Gone Home have made the game free on itch.io this weekend to make up for some sort of terrible occurrence. 

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The game can be downloaded for PC, Mac or Linux from the itch.io storefront and that’s it. It’s yours to keep after that. This would be a nice gesture if something bad has happened recently in your life and you’d like to be lost in an interactive story.

Co-founder of developing studio Fullbright, Steve Gaynor, made the announcement via Twitter “for people that need something about hope and love right now”. Did something happen while I was away?

The game pits you as a student in the 90s, returning home from a year abroad to find that not everything is as you left it. It should be the perfect thing to help you forget some idle fears you may have, like your home country is not the same as you remember, or you feel like everything’s regressed by about 20 years. Huh, actually…

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