Good deals, 21 September: XCOM at a knock down price, and Hotline Miami for less than a White Russian in a decent bar


While we love our games here at PCGamesN we’re in deep with a number of debting angencies, namely Goons Inc, Goon Ltd, and Argos. It’s not stopped us buying games, just made us a little thrifty. Here are the best games at the lowest prices, from us to you. Follow our lead, son. And all this can be yours.

XCOM for £23 and only with a little (legal) cheating.Green Man Gaming are offering Age of Fear: The Undead King for free to any registered members of the site, but only for one day. It’s not hard to sign up, justhop on over here and put your scrawl. You take that game and then trade it in against the cost of XCOM. It’s all legit, but you’re only allowed to do it until the end of the month.

If ultra violence is more your thing then you’ll want to take advantage of Get Games Go’s deal on Hotline Miami preorders. It’ll set you back £6.29. Less than the Lebowski’s best beverage.

A splash of humour with that kill-death-romp? Saints Row the Third is enjoying 66% off on Steam at the moment, dropping it to just £10. I mean, fuck it, it lets you hit people with a 6ft purple dildo whilst wearing a bobblehead, why wouldn’t you buy it?
We can cater for swooping and biffing if that’s your fancy: LEGO Batman 2 is only £5 on Gamefly at the moment.

And, as JP reported yesterday Battlefield 3 is just £10 on Origin at the moment. £28 if you want the premium pack too, though you’ll want to follow JP’s instructions to get to that best price.

Finally, Gamersgate are doing 75% off all the Prince of Persia games, that’s The Sands of Time, Two Thrones, Warrior Within, The Forgotten Sands, and the Prince of Persia reboot all for less then £10. Noice.

Wait, no, nearly forgot: there’s the Humble Indie Bundle, the Bundle in a Box, and the Indie Royale.