Good Deals, September 4th: 25% off everything at Green Man Gaming and Far Cry 2 for the price of an okay sandwich


The night is young. That’s what the absent- and party-minded say about this time, expecting the day to silently shuffle off its mortal coil and don the polkadot pyjamas of death. But a day dies with its deals, and there are plenty of those to be getting on with yet. Join us for a life-affirming rundown of the best, after the jump.

Green Man Gaming are offering 25% off everything. We’re talking the best sort of ‘everything’ – the kind that includes pre-orders for Borderlands 2 and Dishonored. Combine with spriteful action RPG Rijn the Specpyre in… Manor of the Damned! – already $1.24 / 99p – for cheapest possible results.

For all that, you’ll want to find yourself here, clutching this code: GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G.

Steam have halved Sword and Sworcery’s price for their midweek spotlight deal, making Capybara’s Jim Guthrie-sprinkled explorathon £2.49 a pop.

On any other evening S&S would be Deal of the Day, but tonight it’s a dead heat opposite arson sim Far Cry 2, available over at GamersGate for £3.38 or with its predecessor for £4.49.

Finally, run your eyes over the WoW SteelSeries Cataclysm keyboard, now down to £29.99 at Amazon UK. We’d suggest hopping on that, bearing in mind that any successor is likely to be plastered withbig, fluffy animals.

Now, if that’s all, it’s time to put the day to rest. Have we missed anything?