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Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-orders now available on anything but PC


X-Stations, PlayBoxes, Atari 2600s and toasters – GTA V is available for pre-order on every fun device but ours, copies shipping to every port but home.

If you follow that link, you’ll notice a number of colourful comments expressing a similar sadness. GTA V is set for release on consoles in Spring 2013, you see, but there’s been no word on a PC equivalent.

It doesn’t take a series historian like you or I to work out that Rockstar are repeating a past strategy. Grand Theft Auto hasn’t had a simultaneous release on PC since its first sequel, and ever since we’ve become accustomed to waiting months for a port.

So: hunker down, and remember that GTA always winds up better on PC, eventually. Share your custom MP3 and player skin memories below.