Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer 2 revealed


Look – I know as well as anybody else that GTA V isn’t coming to PC for at least another yonk or so after its Spring 2013 console release date. But I’m told that the last trailer, the one with the poverty and the helipads and whathaveyou, is more than a year old now. So I certainly don’t see any problem with us all folding our arms and sitting quietly with the rest of the rabble for another helping, do you?

“Bounce. We’re bouncing, now?”

Three protagonists. That’s a new one. We have Michael, a retired bank robber insofar as anybody retires from a career like that; Victor, witness protectee and sentimental psychopath; and Franklin, a post-recession repo man.

Anyway. If we all take a pixel and pass along that should provide us with another year’s sustenance, I should think. Don’t you?