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GTA Online gets some sporty class with the Karin 190z

gta online karin 190z

The latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online is upon us, bringing us a classy new sports car, a variety of ways to get earn some bonus bucks, and significant discounts across a big variety of purchases.

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The Karin 190z is an elegant new travel option that looks – as the kids these days say – “suave AF.” The new Sports Classic is available at Legendary Motorsport for GTA$900,000.

If you’re looking to earn some extra cash, you can get double money and RP bonuses through February 26 on Smuggler’s Run sell missions, as well as 25% more GTA$ on Biker Business sales. You’ll also be getting some business bonuses with 25% off both special cargo crates and Biker Business upgrades.

The discounts extend to a whole bunch of other items, too. Here’s a full list:

  • Yachts, MOCs, and more
    • All Yachts – 30% off
    • Yacht Renovations – 30% off
    • Mobile Operations Center Cabs – 30% off
    • Mobile Operations Center Renovations – 30% off
    • Bunker Renovations – 30% off
    • Aircraft Workshop – 25% off
  • High-end vehicles
    • Ocelot Pariah (Sports) – 30% off
    • Ocelot XA-21 (Super) – 30% off
    • Coil Raiden (Sports) – 30% off
  • Clothing and tattoos
    • The Doomsday Heist clothing – 25% off
    • Import/Export tattoos – 25% off

This week’s premium race is Damned, with the top three finishers earning GTA$ and every participant earning triple RP. The Time Trial is Calafia Way, and beating par time will earn a reward of both cash and RP. Both events last until February 26.

Either way, you’ll want to log in soon to qualify for the in-game stimulus package with promises of plenty of cash back. I can say it’s way easier than doing your actual taxes.