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Will GTA 6 be on Steam?

As we devour every tidbit of information on the upcoming open-world game, many are wondering if GTA 6 will be available on Steam at launch.

Will GTA 6 be available on Steam? The huge open-world capers of GTA are a tantalizing experience for nearly anyone; a world in which you can get up to anything you like, whether that’s pulling off the heist of the century, or simply following the speed limit and ensuring you always signal before a turn. The content of Grand Theft Auto 6 will no doubt be a pull for many, but a question that players have is, will GTA 6 be available on Steam?

We’ve been teased about the potential GTA 6 release date several times, many of which have turned out to be red herrings and fakes, with nothing of note being revealed just yet. Still, it hasn’t stopped players from speculating on what they want in the open world game, with the GTA 6 map size in particular being debated endlessly.

GTA 6 Steam: a crowded street at dusk.

Will GTA 6 be available on Steam?

As with most things GTA 6, we don’t know any solid details just yet, but seeing as though the back catalog of GTA games is currently available on Steam, it’s probably safe to assume that GTA 6 will also appear on the platform.

At its original release date, GTA 5 wasn’t available on PC at all. In fact, it didn’t come to the platform until April 14, 2015, a whole 19 months after its console release. With no confirmation yet which platforms its successor will appear on at launch, we can only hope there’s not such a huge wait for a PC release this time around. We do know that there’s no plan for last-gen release, so PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users should look to upgrade if you want to get your hands on Rockstar’s next epic in the Grand Theft Auto series.

We’ll know more when GTA 6 gets a solid release date, but for now, we’ll just have to survive on the information scraps and hope for something solid soon. If you’re itching to get into some trouble with your friends, we have a list of the best coop games here, and even a list of the best crime games, if you want to go against the norm and strike it rich in a slightly more nefarious way.