Grand Theft Auto V starts the satire with energy bar ad


Cars, guns, crime, city streets. They could be the ingredients of almost any open world game. Add biting satire of the American way though, and you’ve got GTA cooked to perfection. From billboards to radio adverts, Rockstar constantly poke fun at western consumerism, and the first example of such for GTA V can be seen in this commercial for Ego Boost; the energy bar for middle-aged men. 

The narrative may be on the funny side, but the video itself shows all manner of extreme sports that we’ll get to indulge in, regardless of how flabby round the middle we’ve got. Ride a BMX over a car, base-jump off a skyscraper, thunder around a dirt track on an ATV, and take a swim in the ocean are but a handful of the extra-curricular activities GTA’s criminals will be able to take part in. It’s the kind of gleeful breaks that GTA IV missed out on, but the new wider-scope and varied terrain looks set to release our inner sports-freak.

Thanks, Videogamer.