Grand Theft Auto V TV trailer features heists, miniguns, fly-by car demolition


In the traditional manner of Rockstar, there’s a new TV ad for Grand Theft Auto V, and boy does it look great. It’s the best crime film you’ll ever play if the trailer is anything to go by. And there’s still no official word on the PC release. 

We’re convinced it’ll land here sooner or later though, and rumours that the game will be hitting next-generation consoles only bolsters our hunch. So with that in mind, relax and watch a team of aging criminals plan on getting “back in the game” again, by use of fancy glass-lifting suction pads, excessively high parachute jumps, hosing down foes with a mini-gun, and destroying a handful of cop cars with the aid of a military jet plane, all set to a killer soundtrack. Just know that the date at the end does not apply to us (grumble grumble).