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Samsung invoke the Streisand Effect by pulling YT videos of a GTA 5 exploding phone mod

GTA 5 Samsung

Samsung haven’t been getting great press lately, thanks to an alleged fault with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The fault apparently causes them to, well, explode. To make things worse, someone has already modded the phone into GTA V, where you can use it as an exploding projectile. 

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It’s pretty funny, but Samsung don’t seem to think so, as the tech giant has hit the creator’s YouTube video of the mod with aDMCA takedown notice.

“This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and its affiliates,” says a message on the video now, via The Verge.

The mod itself is clearly intended to be parody, and the creator of the mod,HitmanNiko, didn’t actually copy anything, but they’ve been hit with a notice all the same. The mod itself still lives, of course, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which has since been discontinued.

At least the phone will live on forever in Rockstar’s virtual recreation of L.A. If you want to see the GTA V mod in action there are still videos floating about, like the one below: