GTA 5 Funny Vehicles Pack #2 mod brings Zoolander and Breaking Bad to Los Santos

The Zoolander

GTA 5 modder Abstract Mode has just released the second alternate vehicle pack for GTA 5, the creatively-named Funny Vehicles Pack #2, which brings another range of madcap motors to the streets of Los Santos.

If you’re looking forward to unleashing mayhem in GTA 5’s sandbox with these new vehicles, you’ll probably enjoy the rest of the titles in our picks of the best sandbox games on PC.

Where Funny Vehicles Pack #1 brought the Mad Max Doof Wagon to GTA 5, the latest also brings some movie-inspired motors as well as some new creations inspired by the game itself.

The Zoolander adds the fashion model’s pickup to GTA 5, letting you sit in the back and take as many gurning selfies as you want – and you can always finish it off by driving into a petrol station, for authenticity… and for humanity. Additionally, the mod brings Breaking Bad’s mobile home, aptly called The Heisenberg. You might have to bring your own hazmat suit, mind.

The Heisenberg

Then there are some original creations that bring Saints Row levels of weirdness to GTA 5’s sun-baked roads. ‘The pool mobile’ is a L.A.-style back yard swimming pool complete with barbecue, sun loungers and beer coolers. I’d quite like to know what happens to the swimwear-clad sunbathers when you inevitably crash the monstrosity into a wall.

It gets even stranger, too, with a motorised sofa called ‘the gamer’ letting you zip across the highways and fly above them raining rocket-based death on the roads below from the comfort of your living room. There are a bunch more, too, like a motor-powered surfboard and Michael’s boat – which flies, by the way – to name a couple.

You can download the mod here, but check the video out first for a taste of what you’ll be getting.