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GTA 5 mod lets you fight UFOs in the skies of Los Santos - bring a jet


NASA have just announced the discovery of flowing water on Mars, suggesting it could, or may have once, hosted some sort of life. While it’s highly unlikely that life will appear in the form of angry little green men in flying discs, why not celebrate by shooting some UFOs in GTA V? 

There’s a new mod for GTA V that lets you spawn in some hostile saucers and try and shoot them down as they wreak havoc on the city. They fire blue plasma and suck up vehicles and people, only to send them back to the baking tarmac of Los Santos with a bloody splat.

While GTA V’s UFO hunters try to figure out the cryptic clues left in the game by Rockstar, you can get down to business by downloading the mod here.You’ll also need Script Hook 5 and Community Scripthook 5 Net.

Have a look at the mod in action below:

Cheers, PCGamer.