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Arena War turns GTA Online into Twisted Metal

Grand Theft Auto Online: Arena War launches today, and brings a big dose of mechanised car combat to the game. The update brings us seven new modes worth of car combat and 12 new vehicles armed and armoured for arena warfare. Twisted Metal isn’t coming back anytime soon, but in that series’ absence, we’ve now got one more way of reliving 90s car combat.

Those modes will include straight-up team and solo deathmatches, CTF, and trap-filled races, in addition to more outlandish options that encourage you to build deadly traps, toss around explosive hot potatoes, or do even more destruction in monster trucks.

Your Arena career starts with the purchase of a new Workshop, where you can build a fleet of weaponised cars and customise their armaments to suit your needs. The official site details options like ‘Buzz Saws’ and ‘Ram Bars’ to add to your vehicles. Victories across the modes will earn you Arena Points, which translate into new and cheaper upgrades, mods, and outfits, along with your usual bonuses of cash and RP.

You can get a taste of it all in the trailer below.

GTA5 stays in regular rotation among the best sandbox games on PC, and ridiculous updates like this help keep it there. If you want an added incentive for hopping in, you’ll get bonus Annis & Bravado T-shirts if you log in before December 17.

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