GTA Online gets that festive feeling with Christmas DLC


Before this year closes, Los Santos will be getting a dusting of Christmas magic in GTA Online. While the details of what’s under the wrapping paper is being kept strictly under… erm… wraps for now, leaks have discovered that a Christmas tree for your apartment is definitely one of the stocking fillers. 

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Leakers taltigolt and TezFunz have tweeted some of their findings, including an image of the Christmas tree, and the reveal that the Tampa muscle car – last seen in The Ballad of Gay Tony – will be arriving in time for the holidays.

It seems likely that the festive assets will be included in the Executive and Other Criminals DLC, which releases today, but will be locked until a later date. This is similar to how the Halloween DLC worked, which came in the Lowriders update a fortnight beforehand. This will be the first PC GTA Online Christmas, but console players got to enjoy snowfall, snowball fights and plenty of festive clothing last year.

Thanks, VG247.