Rockstar announce new cars, races and modes coming to GTA Online

GTA Online Races

The streets of Los Santos remain as busy as ever, so Rockstar have recently announced their content plans for the next few months of GTA Online. With new race events, exotic cars and game modes on the way, Rockstar show no signs of stopping support for the insanely popular element of Grand Theft Auto V.

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Having released 15 new Stunt Races as part of a special event earlier this week, GTA Online is making things even more extreme with their upcoming ‘Cunning Stunts’ circuit. These race types focus around the Rocket Voltic, the Ruiner 2000 and the Blazer Aqua, providing some suitably ridiculous challenges to match these over the top vehicles. Rocket Voltic races have you flying across massive gaps, Blazer Aqua challenges will have you racing across land and sea while the Ruiner 2000 races will have you base jumping with your car.

Speaking of cars, a future update plans to bring several of the most requested cars from other GTA games into GTA Online. These include the Infernus and Turismo Classic, vehicles made famous back in GTA 3.

Further throwbacks to older GTA titles are planned with upcoming Adversary modes for GTA Online, which include the 2D inspired Top Down gamemode, along with a “gallows humor take on dodgeball” called Resurrection.

While cars are great, a future update plans to bring a whole new arsenal of weaponry to the streets of Los Santos. This Gunrunning update will add new missions, weaponized vehicles and militia factions into the mix, as the illegal arms trade slips out into the world of GTA Online.

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