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Want every vehicle in GTA Online? That’ll be $4,500 in real money

The total cost of buying every GTA: Online vehicle comes to more than $300m in in-game currency, worth thousands in real money

If you’ve played much of Grand Theft Auto: Online, you’ll know that the costs associated with a swish garage of cars (or a powerful arsenal of weapons) is pretty significant. For the most part, you can earn some of the dough you need for that sports car or fighter jet through in-game activity, but if you want to be fully kitted out, it’s going to cost you.

Over the weekend, YouTuber and streamer Broughy calculated exactly how much it would cost you to buy one of each vehicle in the game (as well as the space to store them). As of the game’s most recent DLC – the nightclub-themed After Hours update – there were 159 vehicles available in the game. According to Broughy, the total cost of buying and storing all of those vehicles amounts to $363,457,689 in in-game currency.

What’s more shocking than that, however, is that if you wanted to buy it all with real money, it’ll reportedly set you back $4,540. That is of course, only if you’re buying the best-value Shark Cards (GTA:Online’s premium currency system) every time you purchase.

While there are a lot of cars and garages on offer in Broughy’s list, he does point out that what he’s calculated is far from an exhaustive list of the game’s premium content. As mentioned in Broughy’s tweet (below, and which links to a full breakdown of all of the costs), his total doesn’t include any “upgrade costs, properties, weapons, clothes, or anything else.”

All of those would, of course, send costs absolutely spiraling. It’s important to remember, however, that GTA:Online might encourage you to spend your money quite liberally, but from what I’ve seen offers ample opportunity to earn decent chunks of it for yourself. It’s also worth remembering that this is the total for every single vehicle in the game, which is far from being something you really need to have.