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This Grand Theft Auto 5 mod will arrest you for owning a fidget spinner

GTA 5 fidget spinner

Just a month ago, I didn’t know what a fidget spinner was. Now there are three of them in my house and I’m close to disowning my six-year-old child. They’re everywhere and I don’t know why they exist. Someone has even modded them into GTA 5. 

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The mod was created by jedijosh920, who also has a range of other GTA 5 mod creations, including advanced melee combat and throwing knives. You can see them on his YouTube channel at that link there.

As you can see in the video above, the fidget spinner mod lets you walk around, spinning and pulling sick tricks like it ain’t no thang. Civilians act appropriately horrified at the display.

The police, meanwhile, do the right thing and arrest you. Presumably you’re arrested for brandishing a dangerous weapon: you. You are a weapon. Cheers.

Thanks, IBTimes.