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The Green Goblin tears up Los Santos in GTA 5 mod video

Green Goblin GTA 5

When my son was five-years-old, he came back from his grandmother’s convinced that Spider-Man villain Green Goblin was actually called Knob Goblin. It was pretty funny, but I had to correct him because I couldn’t have him running around saying Knob Goblin, even if it did sound like something that would be printed on the front of a Chinese knockoff Marvel toy. Anyway, someone’s modded him into GTA V – Green Goblin, not Knob Goblin. 

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Modder JulioNIB is known for bringing knockoff heroes ot GTA 5. He’s already done Iron Man, Superman, and Ghost Rider, so it’s only natural he turns to the bad guys – they are more suited to GTA 5’s world, after all.

You can fly around on Green Goblin’s glider and rain down rockets on the streets. You can strafe the road and pepper cars with machine-gun fire. You can lob grenades for the full Green Goblin experience. My favourite part, however, are the spikes mounted on the glider’s front – you can impale people on them and carry them off into the skies.

When you disembark, the glider’s AI kicks in and it tears up your attackers autonomously, impaling cops, blasting choppers, and generally causing a mess. Check it out in the video above.

The mod is currently a work-in-progress, but access is available if you subscribe to JulioNIB’s Patreon.

Cheers, PCGamer.