Here are the latest graphics drivers you’ll need for Grand Theft Auto V

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I’m all set for the release of Grand Theft Auto V this evening. I’ve wrapped my desktop tower in a plastic bag and submerged it in a pool of ice water. I’ve poured some ice coffee in there for the caffiene. For the final touch, I dropped a single droplet of Usain Bolt’s blood into the pool. It’s not hygenic but it looks to have done the trick.

If you’re not willing to go to the same lengths I have then you’ll at least want to be running the latest graphics card drivers. Anything to eek out a little more performance from your PC. 

Nvidia’s release a new patch that should improve GTA V no end. The 350.12 WHQL patchcomes with a GTA V SLI profile, support for 4K, dynamic super resolution, G-sync, multi frame sampled anti-aliasing and a whole host of other extras.

If you’re running an AMD card like me then you’ll want to install the latest version of AMD Catalyst and that should get you up an running with the latest display drivers – the cheekily named 14.502.1014.

Once those are installed you’ll want to get hold of a drop of Usain’s blood. There’s only so much to go round so if you’re not quick about it he’ll be nothing but a sack of skin and bones when you catch up with him.