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Rockstar show off the PC’s video editor mode in this Grand Theft Auto V trailer

grand theft auto V trailer GTA 5 Rockstar PC editor mode Take Two interactive

For the budding directors out there, Grand Theft Auto V’s editor mode could be the tool you need to make your own action movie. The suite of tools, which are exclusive to the PC release of Rockstar’s sandbox game, let you capture, cut, and alter footage from the game, whether you’re playing online or on your own.

Once you cut together a video you can upload it to Youtube with a couple of mouse clicks.

While that’s all very cool, there’s also the director mode.

In director mode you can stage your own scenes – you get to select a location, the time of day, what the weather’s like, and then spawn in a character from the story mode. You can even apply mutators like explosive punches and low gravity.

As with the editor mode, in director mode you can capture footage to be edited together, apply filters to the film, and pull in music from GTA V’s radio stations. And, if you like the action but not the angle, you can move the camera around to get a better look at your scene.

Have a look at it all in action in the explanatory video: