There might be a horse in Grand Theft Auto V

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Good morning, there might be a horse in Grand Theft Auto V.

The equine revelation comes courtesy of modders who’ve accessed the game’s files using a freshly updated version of OpenIV, the toolset used to access and edit the game files of Grand Theft Auto IV and Max Payne 3.

Grand Theft Auto V’s files had been thought to have been relatively secure, though enthusiastic modders managed to find their way into the game’s archives in a matter of hours following the game’s launch on Tuesday.

In its current form the OpenIV tool only allows users to view the names of textures, audio clips, animations, models and other files hidden within Grand Theft Auto V’s code. No edits to the code can yet be made.

A GTA Forums user has revealed a number of these files, some of which make reference to horses and zombies. These aren’t necessarily indicators that the content exists somewhere within Los Santos, but could simply be references to models and sounds that have been cut from the final game.

Either way, the upgrade to OpenIV that allows this rudimentary level of access to the game’s files is a huge first step forwards for the GTA modding community, which has something of a track record of tinkering with Rockstar’s open-world crime sim. In time it could lead the way to full-scale modding of the game.

Thanks VG247.