GTA Online’s new update comes with a lot of new planes, and brings back a GTAV character

Smuggler's Run

The next GTA Online update is called Smuggler’s Run. It brings a whole load of new aircraft to play with, and, as always, lets you continue to expand your legitimate business.

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The new update stars Nervous Ron, who you’ll remember as Trevor’s jumpy business partner if you’ve played Grand Theft Auto V. He’s branching out on his own, and trying to grow his own smuggling empire, which is where you come in. You’ll be helping him get his precious cargoes over the border, and the update’s trailer shows that that’s not very likely to be simple task.

Smuggler’s Run looks like it’s defined by some epic aerial battles and comes with some new vehicles to match. There are new planes, helicopters, and even microlights to help out, and plenty of room to store them, with new aircraft hangars also available in the update.

Smuggler’s Run is out on August 29.