Green Man Gaming’s summer sale offers XCOM 2 for $32.99

XCOM 2 mods

Green Man Gaming’s summer sale has just kicked off, delivering a bunch of old games for less than the price of a pint. The best deal by far is on XCOM 2, though, as you can grab the sci-fi strategy game for 50% off. 

Sales need some tactical consideration, so get your knowledge up with our list of the best strategy games.

XCOM 2 is easily the best strategy game of the past year or so, so it’s well worth grabbing at half price. With a long campaign and a meaty multiplayer mode, it’s a hell of a lot of videogame for the money.

I’m not massively into strategy games, but there’s something about XCOM that grabs me. I think it’s down to how its systems can generate these personal stories, because deaths have meaning and the soldiers feel like yours – especially when you name them after your mates and deck them out in fluorescent armour before sending them to die.

To grabXCOM 2 for 50% off, head to that link there.

Keep an eye out on here, as Green Man Gaming will be updating the sale every 48 hours and offering a new theme. When they do, we’ll update this article with any deals you can’t afford to miss.