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Grey Goo Emergence DLC is free for a short time only

Grey Goo Emergence

Grey Goo is one of our best-reviewed games of the year, with our Rob singing the RTS’s praises in his detailed analysis. Anyone who’s been enjoying its old school charms will probably be pleased to hear that new single-player DLC pack Emergence is now available. But even better news: it’s free. For now. 

Be quick: Emergence is only free until 9am PT on June 11th. After that, it’ll cost you $8. So don’t hang around, you’ve got barely any time at all.

The Emergence DLC adds a three-mission mini-campaign to Grey Goo which will follow up on the events of the main game. You’ll be able to play as Singleton, who is the game’s first hero-tier unit.

The game has also had a chunky patch applied, which should automatically download to your Steam client. This adds a spectator mode, a replay mode, dedicated server support, and an importer for custom assets in the terrain editor.

Thanks, PC Gamer.