Grid 2 AI will become aggressive if you “push them out of their comfort zone”


Grid 2’s AI will adapt to your behaviour on the road, reacting to your style of driving, rather than simply trying to get from A to B and largely ignoring the other cars on the road. If you drive aggressively, clipping their rear or pushing them against the barriers then they will respond in kind.

“We’ve added to our cache of AI parameters, allowing us to almost pick and mix characteristics for drivers for how they behave on track,” said producer Iain Smith in an interview with Gaming Bolt. “My favourite improvement with the AI is the dynamic element – if you push them out of their comfort zone, they’ll begin to behave differently to the standard nature; conservative drivers might be driven to make contact with you to secure a podium if you put them in a tight spot. It’s all to play for on the track.”

I’m excited to see how noticeable this dynamic AI is. I’m a pretty rubbish driver, always using other cars as cushions when I take turns and opting to ram into the back of the lead car till I can overtake, so it’s be ace to see the cars begin to react to that sort of behaviour; pushing back at me, or trying to spin me.

Smith also stated that the game’s physics engine runs simulations at 1,000 hertz, meaning that “even at the speeds the supercars get up to in the game, we’re sampling the terrain under the vehicle’s wheels quickly enough to then tell the player what to do about it, how to adapt their approach and keep the vehicle under control.”

Grid 2 is aiming for a 31 May release date.