GRID 2 footage shows Chicago night race and an abundance of particles


Codemasters have finally released some extended in-game footage of their fast approaching racer, GRID 2. It’s very shiny. That’s not a reference to Firefly, I mean it is genuinely extremely shiny. The car’s bonnet’s been buffed to a sheen and being a night race in Chicago there are more than a few lights for it to reflect, and reflect it does.

Check out the video below.

Those fine folk over at VG247 managed to steal this footage from Codemasters’ offices, I can only assume by skullduggery. Thus it becomes their prerogative to cover it in watermarks, logos, and channel subscribe comments. We’d never do a thing like that.

I hope we can all agree, that is one good looking game.

Night levels can be deceptive though, you can hide a lot in the dark, which in turn frees up system memory for designers to throw every teensey bit of computing power at the screen. It would only be natural for Codemasters to select the best looking portion of the game for the first significant chunk of in-game footage.

This all said, the use of particle effects, like those roadside flares and the fireworks is a great touch. Keeps what could be a drab setting from becoming dull. Plus it works as a good memory marker for when you’re racing and want to keep your eyes on the track and not on the minimap.

More of this sort of thing.