Grid 2 has one collector’s edition to rule them all; it’ll set you back £125,000, mind


Now some folk are pretty keen to get their mitts on the specialist of special releases, the ones that come in hard boxes stuffed with things like figurines studded with LEDs, soundtracks, and instruction books scribed by blind Tibetan monks (who are raking it in judged on the prices of these special editions). These collector’s sets tend to set the buyer back a pretty penny, sometimes breaking above £200.

“Phooey to that,” said Codemasters as they released their one-of-a-kind Grid 2 collector’s edition priced at £125,000. And it doesn’t even come with a statue. It does come with a car, though,

Yup, Codemasters have managed to release the (Guinness World Records-verified) most expensive game commerciall available. Grid 2: Mono Edition comes with a copy of the game, a *cough* PS3 *cough*, a custom made branded race suit, and a BAC Mono racing car.

That’s all pretty nifty.

Codemasters are only selling one edition of the game, tying into that Mono title. But, as far as we know, it’s still not sold. So, if you’ve £125,000 lying around and need something to get you to the shops and back before a duck can quack then this may be the collector’s edition for you,

Mind, if you are a little late in buying you can always buy a BAC Mono at retail for £101,940. Heck, with the money left over you could even buy a PC, a copy of Grid 2, and have enough money left over to fill your house with bacon. Not sure why you’d do such a thing but it’s not often you have £21,520 burning a hole in your pocket.

Cheers, Eurogamer.