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Grid 2 trailer hops continents at speed, crests horizon before you can say ‘brum’


I don’t really have any conception of how fast cars are transported between continents – I imagine something like this – but the swift editing of Codies’ new GRID trailer seems to imply that it all happens very quickly. Paris, Australia’s Red Bull Ring and the sea-crust of California – all fly by in a near-instant, and the whole thing is over in a flash of headlights and a whiff of go-faster grease.

Codemasters have developed something called ‘TrueFeel’ for Grid 2, which reportedly hits that sweet spot they’ve long been chasing – between sim-like realism and totally ludicrous four-wheeled dreaming. Precisely where along that spectrum would you like them to settle?

Here’s a mostly live action bit from the other week. Codies let go a significant chunk of their staff recently, but said at the time that the Grid team would be unaffected.

Thanks, PC Gamer.