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New indie horror’s T-Rex puts Resident Evil and Dino Crisis to shame

Inspired by Capcom's tank-control horror classics, this upcoming indie game's towering, body-horror monstrosity is the worst of all worlds.

A half zombie, half-skeleton T. Rex, with arms, a cow's head and more poking from its purple flesh.

Ever wondered what you’d get if you mashed-up Resident Evil and Dino Crisis? Zombie dinosaurs, maybe? Giant zombies, smashing their heads through the wall? Ground Zero, an upcoming survival horror game set in a post-apocalyptic South Korea, proves that the answer is much, much worse.  Jeff Goldblum wouldn’t stand a chance.

Inspired by classic ’90s horror games such as Resident Evil and Dino Crisis, Ground Zero is a survival horror set in an apocalyptic South Korea that has been devastated by a meteor strike.

And if the sheer carnage of that wasn’t enough, the strike has mutated every living entity into something truly monstrous. You’re sent into the city of Busan (first trains, now meteors) to uncover the truth behind the infection and combat its many, many nasties.

Developer Malformation Games has already given us a few trailers and it nails that Resident Evil look, right down to the tank controls. But it’s the reveal of the game’s T-Rex that’s really got me excited for this game.

As shared on Twitter, this isn’t your average spooky scary skeleton, nor is it full-on zombie. It’s as if someone’s thrown Ground Zero’s assorted monsters into a blender, then poured the semi-animated slurry over a museum exhibit.

A skeletal dinosaur, covered in purple flesh with hands, heads and other things protruding from it.

It’s probably a blessing that this thing wants to murder Ground Zero’s protagonist. Because you’ll hopefully be too busy running to get a really, really good look at it.

But when you do stop to look, as you can with this static image, it gets so much worse. There’s a cow’s head jutting out of its back, a recognisable human hands and arms poking out elsewhere, and even a branch protruding from its fibrous, purple flesh.

Dino Crisis’s T-Rex was terrifying as it smashed through that window, and Resident Evil’s infamous hallway dogs still haunt me to this day. But this monstrosity? I don’t think I’m ever going to sleep again.

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You can get a brief glimpse of it in action in the game’s latest trailer, alongside a clip of its Game Over screen. Ground Zero’s other foes are nearly as disturbing – I won’t be touching calamari for a while, that’s for sure. Ground Zero doesn’t have a release date as yet, but you can wishlist it here.

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