Obsidian’s Grounded hits Steam in July

We'll soon find out how the RPG studio's take on survival is turning out

Obsidian is branching off into new genres with its upcoming entry into the world of survival games: Grounded. The studio has announced an early access Grounded release date across platforms for July 28, 2020, and that launch will include a Steam version. Today’s presentation on Inside Xbox also included a story breakdown and a trailer focused on the game’s single-player content.

The short version of the Grounded pitch is that it’s Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, except a survival game. You’re a kid who’s been shrunk to insect size, and must survive the horrors of your now-massive backyard, as you look for a way to get back to normal size. You can play solo, but the game also offers support for co-op with up to four players.

I got an early look at Grounded ahead of its X019 debut, and it’s a promising-if-unexpected new direction from Obsidian. The game’s narrative structure looks to be a bit like the excellent Subnautica – you’ll have plenty of chances to explore your surroundings and build up your home at your own pace, but there’ll always be a story hook propelling you to see something new.

Members of the Xbox Insider program will have a chance to play Grounded in the spring – you can sign up on the official site – otherwise, you’ll need to wait for the proper early access release on July 28.

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Check out Grounded in the trailer above.