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The Payday designer is making a co-op horror game called GTFO

gtfo announcement

You usually associate feelings of isolation and loneliness with horror, but GTFO – announced at The Game Awards – takes a different approach. You’ll be taking on the terror with friends in four-player co-op, and a pretty fabulous trailer helped to tell the story.

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The trailer features a team of four well-equipped mercenary folks digging into an underground vault, before setting off an alarm that brought in swarms of monsters. Everything from there is quick cuts and lots of screaming, all arranged in a most effective horror movie motif.

The designers know co-op as well, since several of them worked on the Payday games (including the crime series’ creator Ulf Andersson) before they were scooped up by Starbreeze. Now these developers are part of the 10 Chambers Collective, a small studio named because they have no intention of exceeding ten members.

There aren’t a whole lot of details yet, but the effectiveness of the trailer and pedigree of the developers make GTFO one to watch.