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Here are the GTX 1070’s full specs

GTX 1070

Notably after the GTX 1080’s reveal and in-depth discussion of its inner parts – billions and billions of them – Nvidia have revealed the full spec list of its little brother, the GTX 1070. The top line message: it has more in common with a GTX 1080 than a GTX 970.

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Courtesy of AnandTech, here’s how the 1070 lines up next to its stablemates:

GTX 1070 specs

Architecturally, the GTX 1070 has a lot in common with the more powerful, and more expensive 1080. Both pack 7.2 billion transistors onto their PCBs, and both are obviously built around the GP104 GPU.

However, while they do both feature 8GB of memory, the 1080 opts for more advanced GDDR5X, while the 1070 stays put with the same GDDR5 used in current 9-series cards like the 970, and current-gen consoles too. It’s not a fully enabled, no-holds-barred version of the GP104 on the 1070, and it features 1920 CUDA cores to the 1080’s 2560.

Core frequencies are a bit lower, too, but still a big leap up from the 970. And if you’re looking for an indication of the 1070’s performance relative to the 970, you’ll find it in the 6.5 TFLOPS.

But do they add up to a no-brainer upgrade if you’re currently gaming with a 970? Nope. Not yet. Much benchmarking must take place before anyone makes that call, so stay tuned.