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GTX 1080 release times - both Founders and non-Founders cards available from 2PM BST at Overclockers UK

GTX 1080 release times

If you were expecting ticker-tape parades for the release day of Nvidia’s new GTX 1080, and perhaps a street party here and there, reality has fallen sadly short thus far. But not to worry – Overclockers UK have been in touch with us to let us know they have the GTX 1080 in Founder’s Edition and OEM flavours in stock and ready to sell from 2PM BST/9AM EDT today.

They’re working late tonight in the warehouse too, to ensure all orders on those cards placed today are shipped right away.

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“Along with exclusive deals and discounts,” say the press materials, “Overclockers UK are giving away a free delivery code to offer free delivery on your entire basket, including Saturday and Sunday deliveries making sure customers receive the brand new graphics card before Bank Holiday Monday.”

They’re also running discounts G-Sync monitors to mark the occasion:

“Grab an Acer Predator XB270HUD 27” monitor for as little as £374.99, and an Acer Predator X34A monitor for only £899.99 with a massive saving of £96!”

Overclockers aren’t announcing pricings before the cards are on sale, though. There’s a bit of mystery associated with non-Founders cards, with Nvidia marketing their reference cards quite aggressively at a higher price point and leaving lots of room below it for other manufacturers to compete. But whether the prices will start at the expected £500 or a more eye-watering figure remains to be seen.

Nvidia’s Founders Edition cards will also be available directly from the manufacturer from 2PM BST, and the full range of OEM cards should be ready to pop in your basket at that same time from other retailers.