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ArenaNet unravels the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer specialization: the Chronomancer

GW2 Chronomancer

As part of three professional specialization reveals coming over the next few weeks, ArenaNet have revealed what’s in store for the Mesmer in the next Guild Wars 2 expansion: Heart of Thorns. Dubbed as the Chronomancer, the specialization will focus heavily on the manipulation of time itself, all channeled through the trusty tools of shield.

We’ve got a trailer of the skills in action below.

The Chronomancer will be able to harness the power of time to cause chaos amongst their foes, and enhance themselves and their allies. A new effect called “Alacrity” will cause their cooldowns to be reduced; think of it as a reverse to the already existing “Chill” effect. As the sole provider of this effect, Chronomancers are going to be in high demand for any group play.

There’s a new blog post going up imminently that will detail skills and traits, as well as a livestreamed demo of the Chronomancer in action on Friday 1st, at 8PM BST on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.